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Hi there! Tiffany and Gwen here, we’re the co-founders of Refinement. We’re also sisters and best friends and we’re so grateful and honoured to be able to bring to life our dream of teaming up and doing something we love. 

We’ve always been passionate about fashion and design, following the latest trends and looking to the designer runways for inspiration. You will often find us scouring online stores, flicking through magazines and scrolling through social media looking for the latest interpretations of current trends. 

There was a time many years ago that this dream almost came together for us …we were going to build a shoe empire, designing and making our own shoes, but our timing wasn’t right and we let that dream go. Fun fact, we can actually make a pair of shoes by hand from scratch!  

Kids came in around that time (seven of them between us) and we devoted ourselves to raising them, consumed by their needs and the sheer energy it takes to raise them into little human beings we can be proud of. But through all the craziness of family life we have always tried to maintain our sense of self, to not forget what we were passionate about before we became mothers. In the back of our minds there was always that intention that one day we’d take that leap of faith and make our dreams a reality.

Fast forward and here we are, with a little bit more time on our hands now that most of our kids are at school and a new view on fashion - time poor mums who always put their children first need to remember how to feel good about themselves. We believe that looking great can help you feel great!

It’s been a whirlwind journey, we’ve laughed, screamed, lamented and stressed about every minute detail, but through the challenges and mishaps, we’ve grown and we wouldn’t change a thing…even our mistakes, are lessons learnt.

Follow us on our Instagram and Facebook pages to see the fashion and the craziness that goes on in our lives trying to balance work and family. We’re sure a lot of you will relate to the moments of sheer madness.


To deliver beautiful, on-trend, good quality, affordable womenswear and accessories to women seeking a more refined look.

We especially believe mums can wear the current trends and still look chic and polished while pushing prams or running errands with kids in tow. 

We’re here to help you look great...and when you look feel great!


Much love,